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We are offering you to download one of the most complete, popular and what is also very important, free of charge collection versions of Solitaire games. You can find here all the most popular versions of this card game. The file of installation is quite small and the process of downloading will not take too much time. You can download Solitaire for Windows just now in order no to put off the beginning of the game!

Download Solitaire


Originally Solitaire is considered to be a game for one person. You do not need to look for a game partner in order to play it out. You are just playing the cards and will get a wonderful opportunity to spend your time at game.

There are different Solitaire's varieties which differ according to the number of cards being used, to the way of playing, to the rules and others details. All solitaires are different according to their complexity and game's intention, that's why having downloaded the version presented on site, every player can choose for himself exactly the variety to be of interest to him.

Many Solitaire's varieties are much more popular in electronic version than in real card one. Owing to the great possibilities of downloading game's regulation, to the level of complexity and other details, such versions are much easier in use. You don't need to sort out and to play the cards in order to solve Solitaire. Everything is done automatically. If you don't have the opportunity to finish the game, you will be able to save it, and if you are not succeed in playing the variant out - you can repeat it. You just need to download Solitaire and install the game onto your computer. It will take neither much space, no time.

The control in the game under loading is simple and the rules repeat exactly the game Spider Solitaire or Klondike Solitaire. Just download Solitaire, choose variety of card game, install all regulations you need and play at Solitaire you like any time suitable for you. The control in such games is fulfilled with the help of mouse.

Here you will meet Klondike Solitaire which is distinguished by easy rules and enthralling game process. Each time you will have the opportunity to solve new variant of the game.

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The rules of solitaire are simple: you should lay out the cards in four cells one after another, beginning with aces and finishing with kings. Every suit is gathered in its cell.

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